Food Assistance: Hempstead County

Below is information on food assistance services in your area. For questions contact the locations from their information below or call Harvest Regional Food Bank at (870) 774-1398.

Hope In Action

606 West 3rd St.
Hope, AR
(870) 777-8227

Pantry: Monday - Thursday 9-4pm
Notes: Need ID

Hope In Action #2

2500 Hwy. 67 W
Hope, AR
(870) 777-4112

Soup Kitchen: Daily Meals
Notes: Shelter

Life House Hope

600 Oak St.
Hope, AR
(870) 397-1896

Pantry: Tuesday-9:30-12pm
Notes: Need ID

Old Washington First Baptist

105 SW Jay
Washington, AR
(903) 792-3350

USDA Commodity Agency
Pantry: Tuesday 4:30
Notes: Need ID and mail for residency.

Our Lady of Good Hope

315 S. Walker
Hope, AR
(870) 777-3202

Pantry: 3rd Wed 9am-11:30am
Notes: Must Sign Up & Need picture ID

Straight & Narrow Path Ministry

513 S. Elm St.
Hope, AR
(870) 331-1244

Pantry: Every Tues Noon - 2pm
Notes: Need picture ID